random bursts #1

The LJ community (all of em!! well, almost) draws Batgirl!
I’m sure everyone’s seen this but nobody’s made it to the end of the list yet.
Laur, join in leh!

Ultraviolet stars the delectable Milla Jovovich as a Aeon Flux-type badass chick.
Ooh yes. This excites me verily as director Kurt Wimmer directed the incredibly underrated dystopian sci-fi flick, Equilibrium.
Milla Jovovich excites me also. Willy, I know you likes it too.

Daring Fireball posts his sequel to the Brushed Metal series.
the first one.

Che Guevara meets Stormtroopers with scratchy hip-hop goodness.
Dunno bout you but TIE fighter squeals always make me feel all nice and warm inside.

Monster Island author Dave Wellington starts a new horror novel, Thirteen Bullets.
Spent an inordinate amount of time reading the Monster trilogy last year. Initial installment, Monster Island was a cracking, ripping read. Monster Nation started expanding the scope a fair bit, before becoming freaking epic, but weirdly D&D-esque in the final Monster Planet. Still, I stayed up for hours reading this.
Of course, having zombies always helps. Brains, blargh.

Lego finally cracks and releases mecha kits.
With spiky manga-inspired minifig hair, no less!
For you non-geeks out there, mecha are big-ass robots with people sitting in their heads or stomachs.
Courtesy of NextBrick.


2 Responses to “random bursts #1”

  1. 1 laur January 19, 2006 at 1:37

    you is updated! Yeah I’m having a go at it, want to do a dark one like Bbegins, except to have pointy ears or no ears – mmm.

    this mecha fixation disturbs me…

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