5 Down, 47 Left (52 Weeks, 52 Books)

Farcical situations may abound in Bibliophilia – A Novella and Stories – from poop-dodging English professors to balding trichologists – but author Michael Griffith’s intimate, fluid prose manages to inject both poignance and hilarity. The title novella, in particular, is a flashback-ridden romp through the sleaziest library in New Orleans seen through the eyes of a once wanton, now prudish ‘sex cop’ librarian and her misquoting, lovelorn Egyptian colleague.

The book’s a little uneven – some stories left me kind of cold – but second story Zugzwang damn near had my heart in my throat at the end. Absolutely the best chess prodigy meets former wrestler story I’ve ever read. Well worth the ticket for this one alone.

Bibliophilia – A Novella and Stories
(ISBN No: 1559707216) Check NLB Catalogue for item availability.

My next book will be Eastern Standard Tribe, by one of my personal idols, the incomparable Cory Doctorow – tireless copyfighter and the world’s most famous Disneyland enthusiast.
Please read everything this man has ever written, I know i try.


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