random bursts #3

I miss Miss Bruscheud, the librarian. As a child I saw her as a stern woman with gray hair and icy eyes. For 40 years she ruled our local Andrew Carnegie library.
Beautifully written ode to a proud warrior librarian.

Libraries have warned that the rise of digital publishing make it harder or even impossible to access items in their collections in the future.
Imagine something published this year as an e-book might be unreadable in a few short years while ancient Chinese scrolls from 3000 B.C. can still be read hundreds of years in the future. This is already happening now, not really due to DRM, but just cause tech becomes obsolete so quickly. How many laser disc releases are lost forever?

The MPAA stands accused of breaking its own piracy guidelines after it admitted making unauthorised copies of a film submitted to it for classification.
Still, it’s difficult to stay embarrassed when you can continue to vacuum the heart and soul of artists into your mouth to shit out as cold, hard cash.

The Peekaboo Paradox
Absolutely fantastic story of an unlikely child entertainer – the rub comes past the middle stretch, so make sure you keep reading.

Lovecraft Lego Playset
You’ll shit a brick when you check out the Lego Cthulu Cthulhu. ya, bad pun, I know.

Mobile suit pr0n (SFW)
I just can’t help myself. RX-78 Gundam, I love you!!


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