more scanning

Well, the angiogram on Monday's established a few key fact, chief of which is that the swollen part of Dad's aorta is as large, if not larger than his heart.

His head surgeon isn't giving us great odds, just that it will be a challenging operation. Risk of death is minimal, thankfully. But now along with paralysis and stroke is the added danger of kidney failure.

When installed, the stent might end up disrupting blood flow to the my Dad's legs, and also to his one remaining kidney. So we're looking possibly at the rest of his life in a wheelchair and the need to undergo regular dialysis. Of course, he'd be alive, and these are ailments with solutions, to a certain extent.
Dad's worried, and so are we. It's not an easy decision. Is life worth it if the quality of life is gone? I want him to have the operation, of course. But it's his decision to make.

He's having another angiogram done at the end of the month for his heart, to see if it'll be able to handle the stress of the operation. We'll have a better perspective then.

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