random bursts #4 (Copyfighter’s edition)

Marvel Comics is continuing in its bid to steal the word “super-hero” from the public domain and put it in a lock-box to which it will control the key. Marvel and DC comics jointly filed a trademark on the word “super-hero.” They use this mark to legally harass indie comic companies that make competing comic books.
Cory Doctorow puts a call out to use the term ‘underwear pervert’ instead of ‘super-hero’. Seriously, intellectual property in a world gone mad.

The first underwear pervert comic strip is out!
From author Will Shetterly, hope he keeps it going…

Update: site has moved and been renamed Captain Copyleft.

Update: Wah lau, moved again.

Diesel Sweeties representz on the underwear perverts!
Now that the Poopmonster is in, it’s only a matter of time before Jeffrey Rowland has a say.

A day after Senator Orrin Hatch said “destroying their machines? might be the only way to stop illegal downloaders, unlicensed software was discovered on his website.
Pretty long list of ridiculous intellectual property overzealousness. Quite funny.

For good measure, here’s a site where you can download ebooks that are already in the public domain. Copyfighters of the world unite!

In other news…

I don’t much believe in interviews, and I don’t think Morrissey does either. I believe that the only way to learn about an artist is to examine their work. Be realistic: people paint the flowers, not the stem of the plant. People are remembered by their flowers and seeds, not their mulch. Fuck interviews.
Douglas Coupland and Morrissey in the weirdest non-interview I’ve ever read.

With the release of Build 5308 Windows Vista moved to “feature complete” status, which means no new features will be introduced into future builds leading up to the Vista launch at the end of 2006.
Pretty massive gallery of Vista screenshots. Vista or OS X? Place your bets now…


2 Responses to “random bursts #4 (Copyfighter’s edition)”

  1. 1 diskographik March 20, 2006 at 23:55

    morissey is so so weird weird weird. i really had to repeat myself twice and thrice. did you see the one with stereogum fans making up mock-morissey song titles? heehee. coupland is so engaging as an interviewer, love it when they go personal.

  2. 2 airhole March 22, 2006 at 15:11

    thanks for manybooks.. now i got more stuff to read for none of the price!!

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