she bangs the drums

As some of you might or might not know, I stole my 52 books idea from Largehearted Boy. But his 52 books project is just one of many super interesting exercises, not least of which is Book Notes, where he gets authors to talk about the music they were listening to while writing their books.

Here's one for us indie kids – Author Alex Green writes about the Stone Roses' eponymous classic debut in The Stone Roses (33 1/3). Not a Roses song in sight, but an invigorating setlist of proto-Britpop standards and punk anthems. Go read it here.

I wonder if any local authors have playlists of their own?

Here's a sample:

People have been talking about London Calling for years and I hope they keep doing it, but for all the adorational chatter it elicits, no one ever mentions “The Card Cheat.” Not only is this my favorite track on the album, it’s my favorite Clash song of all time. It’s got this kind of desperate speed and throbbing urgency and the line “If he keeps on dying slowly/He won’t be alive for long,” makes the mater at hand sound positively crucial. It’s not a song about knowing you’re running out of time—we already know we are–it’s a song about knowing you’re running out of time and not doing anything about it. Every time I hear it, it reminds me that life has to have energy in order to be vital. Not that deep, I know, but to me it always sounds like it’s trying to make a point about me personally. And that’s when I turn off the TV special Great Moments In Danish Soccer, wash the dishes, put on a headband and go out searching for a revolution.


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