tomorrow’s the big day…

this is the best thing i’ve read so far regarding the elections; it pretty much sums up everything for me – minus the emo-ness lah…

From Sammyboy’s Forum

donoghue wrote…

Listening to Low Thia Khiang’s speech at the AMK rally literally moved me to tears. I have always been patriotic, until the age of 16 I never missed a single NDP and I would cry if for some reason I couldn’t watch it live. I would record it on tape and watch it again and again. Lee Kuan Yew was my hero. I used to think ‘this great man has done so much for Singapore.’ My heart swelled with pride whenever I saw them play his life-story on the big screen during NDP, his communist fighting days and independence from Malaysia, etc.

However, as I grew older, I became disillusioned. The turning point for me was the Cheng San incident in 1997. I was shocked that my ‘hero’ could stoop so low, to attack Tang Liang Hong and Jeyaretnam, and twist the law in their own favour. With my newfound curiosity, I started researching on my own, including reading books like ‘To Catch a Tartar’ by Francis Seow, and ‘The Hatchet Man of Singapore’ by JBJ. I have an autographed copy of the book, signed by JBJ himself, on his 79th birthday no less. I will always remember buying it from him outside the SIR building at Lavender. He was so humble and obliging when I asked for his autograph.

I was incredibly moved when I heard Mr Low’s speech. I truly admire the courage of the Ang Mo Kio ‘Suicide Six’ and I hope they won’t lose their deposits. I feared the worst, but when I saw the pictures of the Ang Mo Kio rally, I now am certain that they won’t lose their deposits. For six young first-timers, challenging the Prime Minister with all his heavy machinery, is no small task. They come across as very human, and I think they themselves have felt daunted at times.
But Mr Low said ‘daring to die (gan2 si3) is much better than being afraid to die (pa4 si3).’ This captured my sentiments exactly.

For too long, Singaporeans have been afraid to stand up for what they believe in. This is typified by the “all talk, no action”, risk-averse mindset. All my Singaporean friends are concerned only with their own self interest, their own careers and their own social life. No one cares about their community, society or the nation. When I started my own business some years ago at the age of 21, people sneered at me and laughed. They said I should go and study hard and try to get a government job. That’s why Glenda’s story is truly an inspiration for me. She was 22 when she started her own business.

Something dawned upon me at 2 am in the morning, as I listened to Mr Low’s speech on my headphones. I learnt that COURAGE IS NOT THE ABSENCE OF FEAR. IT IS THE WILL TO ACT IN SPITE OF IT.

The ‘Suicide Six’ and the whole WP team has shown immense courage, they are a true inspiration to Singaporeans, far more so than the gutless, faceless, anonymous PAP MPs who ‘walkover’ into Parliament hiding behind the shadows of their anchor Ministers. What’s more, all these people had to be PERSUADED to join politics. They had to be invited to tea. And they miss Parliamentary sittings, they miss meet-the-people sessions.

Where is the justice when people like that get to represent us, whereas courageous, lion-hearted, passionate people like the “Suicide Six” and Steve Chia (who pledged FOUR MONTHS of his MP allowance to CCK, swore to move house to CCK if elected, and also GAVE OUT HIS HANDPHONE NUMBER during a rally) are derided as ‘troublemakers’ and their contributions mocked and scorned?

These 9 days have been life-changing for me.

I think we all know what the results will be tomorrow. In all honesty, I’d like to optimistic, but I truly think the PAP will sweep 83 out of 84 seats. Only Mr Low will be re-elected (with a large majority), with Sylvia and Chiam as NCMPs. But the PAP has been rocked. Their percentage of votes will drop from 75% to 65%, which is a huge decrease. The seeds of democracy have been sown, and in 2011 I am sure the winds of change will blow. Singapore needs people like this to revitalise the nation. I hope that they don’t give up, and continue to fight for people like you and me.

I’d also like to thank those of you who courageously took videos and audio clips of the rallies. Without you, people like me (I’m in the UK) will never have gotten a chance to know what REALLY transpired on the ground, with CNA’s biased reporting and all.

I would just like to appeal to my fellow Singaporeans, not to let these brave people down. Show a bit of courage yourselves, overcome your fears, and vote WP this election. Every vote counts, because every vote for the WP makes a two-vote difference (1 more for WP, 1 less for PAP). They will read out your NRIC number and your name. They will print serial numbers on the ballot paper. But please, don’t let these brave people down and show a bit of courage yourselves.

That is the ONLY way forward for Singapore.

Linked from Singapore Election Watch.


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