the eraser

Oh my, two Radiohead posts in a row…

It appears we'll be having a little extra along with the new Radiohead album, as evidenced on greenplastic:

We received this message from W.A.S.T.E. tonight. It confirms the rumors that Thom has made an album:

this is just a note to say that something has been kicking around in the background that i have not told you about. its called The Eraser.
nigel produced & arranged it .
i wrote and played it.
the elements have been kicking round now for a few years and needed to be finished & i have been itching to do something like this for ages.
it was fun and quick to do.
inevitably it is more beats & electronics.
but its songs.
stanley did the cover.
yes its a record!
no its not a radiohead record.
as you know the band are now touring and writing new stuff and getting to a good space so i want no crap about me being a traitor or whatever splitting up blah blah…
this was all done with their blessing. and i don't wanna hear that word solo. doesnt sound right.
ok then thats that.

i think its out in july and im pretty certain XL are going to put it out.

love thom

I dunno, I can't really imagine a Thom Yorke album being in any way different from a Radiohead album. Still pretty exciting though.

Register for updates at the site here.

update: Release date will be July 11th and tracklist is as follows:

  1. the eraser
  2. analyse
  3. the clock
  4. black swan (apparently this is on the soundtrack of Richard Linklater's A Scanner Darkly!! Ooh, goose pimples!!) 
  5. skip divided
  6. atoms for peace
  7. and it rained all night
  8. harrowdown hill
  9. cymbal rush

Thanks to Stereogum.

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