fight of the century

Here’s something that’s too good not to post.

For the first time anywhere in the world a McDonald’s executive has faced the author of Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser. Steve Easterbrook, the boss of McDonald’s in the UK met the company’s sternest critic.

Quite a kick watching the UK boss of the world’s most evil-est company – Sorry, Bill! – trying to squirm his way out of Schlosser’s questioning.

Although I’m back to eating sporadically at McDonald’s, I was totally off it for months after reading the book. Problem is the book only dealt with McDonald’s unethical practices in the States, so I’m still quite curious bout the local version here. Unfortunately, Singapore isn’t exactly brimming with investigative journalists‚Ķ

Fast Food Nation is seriously a must-read if you even half-care what you put into your body. The real kicker is when you realise the possibility that “There’s shit in the meat.”

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