releasing the beast

I kinda agree with Willy. The Mogwai gig was decent, if not the quasi-religious experience I imagined it’d be. Actually, the band seemed kinda subdued the whole time – apart from Stuart – and it didn’t help that they didn’t play the old songs.

Its quite criminal that they didn’t play Tracy, which is hands down my favourite Mogwai song and on my ultimate top 5 songs of all time. I mentally crossed my fingers after every freaking song, and got let down every single time. So I pretty much spent most of my much anticipated Mogwai gig feeling disappointed.

I know they played Mogwai Fear Satan, but it sounded so off to me that I kept second-guessing myself, not really giving in to the moment, so to speak. So there goes another Mogwai classic fucked up for me. Like Willy said, at least I can say I’ve seen Mogwai live.

For consolation, they were as loud as advertised. I could literally feel my left eardrum vibrating madly at one point but I refused to break out the free earplugs. An OK night of it, if push comes to shove.


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