35 Down, 17 Left (52 Weeks, 52 Books)

Ben Bova’s Venus concerns Van Humphries and his voyage to Venus to recover the remains of his brother Alex at the behest of his father, bazillionaire eccentric Martin Humphries. Well, not exactly.

Van’s merely joined his father’s contest to be the first to recover Alex’s remains from the surface of Venus to win the prize of 10 billion dollars. Either that or get cut off financially. Unfortunately, his only competition is also his father’s sworn enemy, Lars Fuchs, the mysterious grizzled asteroid miner with a bone to grind with Martin Humphries. Something about ruining his life and destroying everything he’d ever loved.

Notice how I’ve just been talking about the fiction and not alot of the science? That’s cause there’s really very little of it. Venus is really like a soap opera set in space with a sprinkle or two of nanotechnology or planetary science thrown in. Really more Star Wars than Star Trek. It’s even got a multi-tentacled spaceship eating monster for goodness’ sake.

Read only if you’re after a no-brainer, mildly amusing space thriller. Kind of like scifi for girly men, or Jeffrey Archer after he’s watched Independence Day. Ben Bova’s supposed to be somekind of scifi master? Seriously? Anyone want to buy this off me?

(ISBN No: 0812579402) Check NLB Catalogue for item availability.

My next book will be James Van Hise’s The Unauthorised History of Trek.


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