reverse graffiti

This is cool on so many levels. Graffiti artist Moose doesn’t tag his walls so much as clean the crap off them to creat his art. What’s a cop got to say to that then?

The tools are simple: A shoe brush, water and elbow grease, he says.

British authorities aren’t sure what to make of the artist who is creating graffiti by cleaning the grime of urban life. The Leeds City Council has been considering what to do with Moose. “I’m waiting for the kind of Monty Python court case where exhibit A is a pot of cleaning fluid and exhibit B is a pair of my old socks,” he jokes.

Go here to check out his work.

By way of Boing Boing as usual.


2 Responses to “reverse graffiti”

  1. 1 pagit September 15, 2006 at 5:23

    quite kool leh. well, would be ultra kool if not for having microsoft on his cv. tsk tsk. minus many many points.

  2. 2 billy September 15, 2006 at 13:26

    eh, microsoft not so bad lah. old bill give alot of money to charity leh.
    besides, the xbox division is exempt from the usual microsoft abuse.

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