mediacorp content for public use

According to CNA, Mediacorp is digitising its archive for use by the public. For a moment, I got quite excited and thought they might be considering a move like what the BBC did with the Creative Archive Licence Group. Doesn’t seem so likely after reading though.

Here’s what Henry Lim, Mediacorp deputy CEO (Corporate Services) has to say about it:

“From the users’ perspective, it is not about technology. It is about the ability to access content and how this content comes to them. For example, one of the research that we are looking at is how we can process the same content that we have and deliver it through various platforms like mobile phones, TV and even to high definition (TV) by using the same stream of delivery.”

Here’s the MDA quote from Michael Yap, deputy CEO of MDA:

“We are always looking to encourage our industry, particularly big industry players like MediaCorp, to move into R&D. So, one of the things we will looking at in MDA is to help to incentivise and facilitate MediaCorp in going deeper into R&D, and create more innovative and exciting genres of programmes.”

Unfortunately, there’s no mention of remixing content by the public ala Creative Commons, which would be massive news, but then totally uncharacteristic of Mediacorp. What it does sound like is tapping archived material for paid viewing by way of MobTV. Which is alright, I suppose.

While the digitisation process seems interesting, what with the metadata and image recognition technology, it would have been nice to see them do something culturally progressive like offering the archives under Creative Commons licensing. But then again, they do have this creepy and faintly embarrassing attitude towards intellectual property.

And what’s with that non sequitur about creating more innovative and exciting genres of programmes“? I’m not really sure thats under R&D, man.


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