Reads: Snow Crash

Snow Crash is bloody amazing. I’ve come on a little late to the Stephenson party – in my defense, I did read The Big U back in school – and I don’t think there’s anything I can really add to the existing public opinion of this book. This was written in 92, mind you and is shockingly prescient, case in point: Snow Crash‘s Metaverse is already here today in Second Life.

Lest you think its just a Neuromancer wannabe, it’s not all just cyberpunk and wearable-computing – Snow Crash is ridiculously dense with ideas about the confluence between politics and business, micronation franchising and samurai swordplay as well as the best explanation of religion as virus I’ve read so far. Stephenson has so many genius ideas that even his throwaway hooks are better than what most sci-fi novels revolve around.

But what really gets me about Snow Crash is the characters: Hiro Protagonist, our, erm, hero protagonist, who is the best swordsman in the world, Y.T, the requisite spunky teen, except fitted with an actual dentata (look it up), Uncle Enzo, the pizza-hawking Vietnam vet Mafia Don, and Raven, quite simply the most badass mofo with a harpoon you’ll ever read about. Snow Crash is the most fun read I’ve had in a long time.

Snow Crash
(ISBN No: 0553380958) Check NLB Catalogue for item availability.


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