Reads: Goodnight, Steve McQueen

Goodnight, Steve McQueen is advertised as being in the vein of High Fidelity, which I’d say counts as pretty misleading. Sure its about a 29-year old loser, Steve Danny McQueen – the name’s really just for cute factor, doesn’t add to the story – who’s still trying to make it as a rock star after yonks, and it’s written by Louise Wener, previously of the Britpop band, Sleeper. But there’s really not alot about music at all, which is a huge minus in my book.

Apparently an example of lad-lit, as opposed to chick-lit, it’s really about Danny’s relationship with his long-suffering girlfriend Alison, who’s got a real job, and who’s going to be posted overseas for work, so Danny’s been given an ultimatum to shape up or ship out. Along the way, Danny’s helped by an acceptably quirky one-dimensional cast consisting of his bandmates; shoes-obsessed band leader Vince and gullible but modelesque Matty, his well-meaning Greek boss, Kostas, and Sheila, an 80-year old kungfu enthusiast.

I guess it’s a pleasant enough read, extremely easy on the gray matter. Everything’s all very pat and conveniently plotted, with Wener even throwing in a not particularly tragic attempt at poignancy with the death of a character at the end. No prizes guessing whose number is up. It’s all quite predictable and boring, really. Goodnight, Steve McQueen is my first taste of lad-lit, I think, and probably my last.

Goodnight, Steve McQueen
(ISBN No: 006072563X) Check NLB Catalogue for item availability.


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