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Au Revoir Simone – Sad Song

I’ve already got a huge weakness for lazy, sunny synthpop; add 3 leggy brunettes and I’m pretty much a slobbering fool.


Nothing earthbreaking at all at WWDC 2007, unless you count Safari for Windows. All I really cared about was the Leopard news; Lifehacker‘s got a pretty good breakdown. Am I the only one who has absolutely no interest in the iPhone?

The opening video was pretty funny though…


Schrodinger’s lolcat

Schrodinger’s lolcat, originally uploaded by dantekgeek.

I’ve been digging the whole lolcat and lolbot blognomenon on the sly, but I really had to post my favourite!

just in case you didn’t get that – Schrodinger’s Cat (Wikipedia article)

update again:
Big Fuzz‘s alerted me to this LOL80s thread, the absolutemostkickass pic of which has been posted below. I always knew David Lee Roth had it in him…

Reads: JPod

The thing about Douglas Coupland is how he writes the most dysfunctional, neurotic, patently disturbed characters imaginable, but I always end up wishing I had friends exactly like that. In fact, quoting an Amazon review, “the type of people Coupland depicts are precisely the type of people who consume Coupland novels“, which is something I find strangely both worrisome and extremely flattering.

JPod, in the novel, refers to a group of coders working on an ill-managed video game project, the least peculiar feature of which is a skateboarding turtle imprinted with the constructed mien of Survivor host Jeff Probst. Seriously. Each JPodder struggles with the eternal conflict between marketing and engineering, whilst dealing with their own as well as each other’s peculiarly Couplandish idiosyncrasy, of which there are many and weird.

While the backhanded compliment of inserting himself in the novel for an occasional deus ex machina is a little forced, Coupland’s patented self-referential easter eggs throughout the book are pretty hilarious. The story is not so much plot-driven as a steady narration by protagonist Ethan as he helps bury lovelorn bikers, pioneer hobo couture and rescue his junkie boss from a Chinese sweatshop.

Loaded with non-sequiturs and ultra-serious meditations on pop culture – of which I can never get enough, trivia geek that I am JPod is funny as shit and typically satirical of the commercial tech industry, with Coupland tapping the rich vein he mined so well back in Microserfs. My all-time favourite Coupland novel is still between Girlfriend in a Coma and Microserfs, but JPod comes pretty close.

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