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cheerleaders and jazz guitar

Just back from the Sheares Bridge Run aka Army Half-Marathon. Main impressions as follows:

  • AHM necessarily means a male-to-female ratio of 8 to 2. Which blows. Ok, not really lah.
  • My current post-rock fave 65daysofstatic came up on my nano around the 4km mark, which got me feeling all pumped up and heroic and near-sprinting. Luckily Sam Prekop came on after or I would’ve totally burnt out halfway.
  • The various bands and acts they peppered the route with were generally quite entertaining, though I felt kinda bad for the ITE Jazz Band who were on the Sheares Bridge – people didn’t really need encouragement as yet so everybody just kinda ignored them. I quite enjoyed the last one at the turn into Republic Ave, just a couple of teenagers playing jazz guitar. Great treat, that one.
  • However, the pre-pubescent cheerleaders outside the National Stadium were a little discomfiting, especially when you know all the horny NS boys are checking them out. They’re like Sec 2, man, c’mon.
  • Something else that pissed me off was the gratuitous littering at all the water points. Is it so hard to chuck the little paper cup into a bin? A little more strategic placement of bins might’ve been useful but still irritating to see the trash strewn willy-nilly.
  • End-point was chaotic as usual, and I stupidly spent 15 minutes queuing at the baggage deposit cos I thought it was the lucky draw coupon drop. Damn loser.

Still, it was a good run. Pussy time as usual – 12km in 1:17:57 – but respectable enough by my standards. Had a bit of a revelation though – I thoroughly enjoyed myself the ENTIRE time. Yeah, it’s just running on the street in the morning with strangers and my iPod, but I realise for I was mostly at peace with the world the entire duration.

I think I rather like running. Real Run up next!


Ah fuck. Someone died.


Spoon – Don’t You Evah

I know I’ve been gone awhile but this is too adorable not to post.

Robots breaking it down! According to Engadget, the kicking robot dancers at the end of the video are Manoi, RB2000 and some Johnny Five pretender. I loves it…