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zero point two

My gamble of leaving production and becoming a teacher is beginning to show signs of paying off. I say gamble of course, with regards both to the 3-year bond and of my inexorable interpellation with the system. I loathe to identify with authority, which is something that still weighs down my efficacy as a teacher on a daily basis.

In any case, I went for a work retreat yesterday to discuss future plans for a very specific area of study in school, and I was given an opportunity to hold forth on something for which I am right now immensely passionate. It’s almost stupidly lucky that my direct superior and I are on exactly the same page about this; although we only managed to confuse everyone else with our attempts to explain our ideas, I think our enthusiasm was pretty much enough to convince them of both the necessity of our action and the worthiness of our cause. Unfortunately, I have to be cryptic because of confidentiality issues, for now at least.

I say my gamble has paid off because I’ve somehow maneuvered myself into the exact right place and time in relation to my desired professional and academic future. I think I’m situated at a position where I can do the most good not only for myself, but – uncharacteristically enough for me – the good of Singapore education as well.

The amazing thing is how easy and natural it’s been so far; the even more amazing thing is how difficult it’s going to be in the coming months and how I’m absolutely fucking looking forward to it.


Familjen – Det Snurrar I Min Skalle

I love EVERYTHING about this.

Common (feat Lily Allen) – Drivin’ Me Wild

Been meaning to post this for the Viatch; this is my new fall jam. Lily Allen is quite teh adorable.

be hip, or be shot in the head

This is why I love the IT Crowd.

Very timely also, considering the recent Odex saga, the near-Kafkaesque apex of which can be read here.

In case you were wondering about the title of this post, nah.

happy/crappy teacher’s day

Although the day went well enough at school with the requisite class parties and student performances, I’m still reeling from my CATASTROPHIC performance at the staff dinner last night. Was supposed to play guitar as part of a traditional “lets-sabo-the-new-teachers” item during the dinner and was so uncharacteristically nervous that I pretty much forgot how to play 2/3 of all the songs.

Nightmare flashback images = fumbling the (ridiculously simple) intro to “Dream a Little Dream Of Me” 3 times; looking up to see my expressionless colleagues; staring at my malfunctioning fingers and thinking, “Why are they shaking so much?”

Now I’m gonna be “that guy who gets nervous onstage”. Fuck.

In other news, Peter Hook at Zouk was fucken ace. Though apparently someone wanted to pick a fight with me on the dancefloor, which is also very uncharacteristic.

Maybe next year I’ll just stay home.