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i gave up simian mobile disco for this?!

Did the New Balance Real Run today. Pretty well-organized if quite remotely located. The route was just a tad boring, essentially the first 11km was just the same 5.5km stretch up and down a straight road. The advertised beach and trails weren’t fantastic either – running on the sand was surprisingly difficult and the trail was really just a concrete path, which would have been a little disappointing had my knees been behaving today.

Yes, those are the hairy offenders above. I’ve been suffering a fair bit of ITB since my return to long-distance running and my knees have been locking up after just 5km or so. Which was pretty much the case today, ran the first 6km fine, when my right knee began locking up and I had to stop to stretch it every 500m. I must have loosened it up enough as my right knee started to work fine at about 9km, which is when my left knee started to get wonky, which meant really light, small strides and a crapload of stopping to stretch.

The result is a really awful timing of 2:00:52, which is damn irritating. I barely even raised my heart rate today at the plodding pace I was going. It’s really frustrating to feel fit enough to really go for it but be let down by bad mechanics. Next run, I’m going to fully stretch my illiotial band for 10 minutes before I even take a step.

The post title refers to the Malacca road trip I gave up so I could run today. Simian Mobile Disco played at A Famosa Resort last night and my usual party peeps went. SMD leh, nabeh. But weird location though, who goes Malacca to catch dance gigs? ARGH, SHOULD’VE GONE.


Information R/evolution

Really smart, elegant and somewhat optimistic explanation of how we create and share information online.

From the same guy who made this.

look at the size of that thing

A failure, yes. But what a glorious failure it is…

update: I realise this post needs a bit of context.

Explosions In The Sky – Catastrophe and the Cure (Live)

I risk heresy but I really do love Explosions fairly more than Mogwai. That’s chest-swelling, heart-pumping orchestration right there, man. Mogwai’s kinda like the Smashing Pumpkins of the post-rock world now, whilst Explosions are like…. I dunno, themselves.

SNL Digital Short – Iran So Far

Andy Samberg is singlehandedly making SNL great again.

(Ok, and the other Lonely Island guys. And Fred Armisen!!)