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A-Ha – The Sun Always Shines On TV

This just came up on random on iTunes and I suddenly remember going FREAKING MENTAL at the Loft a couple weeks back when the DJ dropped this. I’m not usually the retro-mambo type, but good times, man. Good times…


Wired recently featured Randall Munroe, creator of my all-time favourite webcomic – possibly comic –

The strip is just one out of fifty bazillion geeky webcomics out there, what with the impenetrable coding in-jokes funny only to actual coders, but Munroe balances this equally with a romanticism and whimsy that strangely doesn’t seem out of place with the strip’s crude stick figures. There’s also a visceral, underlying message of action with the strip, which may or may not represent Munroe’s philosphy, but which I’ve found immensely relevant and not a little moving sometimes.

Here’s one of my favourite strips of xkcd:

Start from the beginning.


the k in kl stands for kickass

Just got back from a fantastic weekend at Kuala Lumpur with my Malay brother Amin, Willy and Willy’s super-extended crew of hijinksters. No pictures unfortunately, but just as well, ha. Finally checked out KL Zouk (though just went to The Loft… twice), got to see an actual protest demonstration, which was very anticlimactic and placid, and…

…bought 3 pairs of socks.

But seriously, it was a pretty damn solid weekend, and hopefully we’re doing it again soon. <Did somebody say Bangkok Rock Fest?>