sleepless in bangkok

Not really lah, actually I’m damn bloody tired. Got 7 hours to go before my flight. Adium’s not connecting at all, so I’m on, which I hate.

To sleep or not to sleep. I went to the Thai Royal Silk Lounge hoping to look pathetic enough, but no go. The nice lady offered to book me a hotel room but that costs money, so screw that.

And then I found a nice bright corner with power outlets so I can do something on my notebook, but then I realise I left my freaking travel adaptor in my check-in luggage. Shit. So…

Behold, my 3rd travel adaptor in as many days. The first was my brother’s, which is all loose and non-connecty, the 2nd is buried deep within the bowels of this airport, and the third is now dutifully drawing Thai electricity and fueling this blogpost as well as my MSN chat with Willy.

WTF’m I gonna do for til freaking 8am? And it’s another 18 hours on the plane after that. I scoped out some cushioned seats but maybe I should just endure so I can sleep on the plane.

Dammit, New York is so goddam far.


Ok, I’m getting too good at this endurance thing. I’ve only somewhat over an hour to go before boarding. Watched Made In England on my notebook for a couple hours – good stuff. Eventually found a soft (although not very comfortable) chair and lolled about in a half-daze for 3 hours, got up and cashed in my breakfast voucher (cos of the flight delay) for a hot tea and slice of pizza. Feeling close to human again. Lets see if I still feel like that after the 18 hour long bloody haul.

See you in New York, bitches.


3 Responses to “sleepless in bangkok”

  1. 1 pagit December 7, 2007 at 3:05


    go nuts!


    we’ll exchange stories when you return.

  2. 2 vk December 7, 2007 at 9:51

    wahaha….is it still suvarnabhumi airport? i hope the facilities are not as raw as the last time i was there a year ago, where i had to spend 9hours in transit.

    more when u return.

  3. 3 Lounge Lizard December 7, 2007 at 13:49

    Travelling alone rocks!

    Til the 3rd day when it gets kinda boring…

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