new york i love u, but u’re bringing me down: part 1

Thought I should sum up my first 2 days in NYC just for record:

That’s Andrew, my friend from secondary school. He’s obsessed with the burritoes at Burritoville. YES, that is HIS iPhone. This was just after I reached the city and met him.

That’s me the next morning, I’m on an actual NYC fire escape! Really right outside the window. Its bloody cold out though.

Bit of obligatory camwhore while Andrew does his errands.

Very not bad Chinese restaurant near Broadway. The waitress very cute. Supposed to go Brooklyn for a gig after that but I wasn’t feeling too good so slept the rest of the day away. Meanwhile, 13 hours ahead and half the world away, 50% of my friends were at Zouk Out. Happening sial.

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