new york i love u, but u’re bringing me down: part 2

So today was alot better, cos I think my jetlag’s wearing off and I’m somewhat acclimatising to the weather, or so I thought.

So lazy Sunday, woke up about 11, though couldn’t really sleep the night before cos of overnapping during the day. Andrew brought me to Chinatown for dimsum, not say very nice but still OK.

En route to Chinatown

We walked around SoHo for a bit, got quite a bit of interesting shopping but I’ll reserve my money for the factory outlets at Woodbury Commons next week.

Lot of cool shit here. They have the OLPC! But the trackpad a bit wonky leh.

Here we are at Washington Square Park near NYU, lots of very nice buildings in the NoHo area connected to NYU.

At Central Park by meself, the lake’s frozen over.

The seasonal Wollman skating rink. I spent a good 20 minutes here laughing at people falling down. Good fun.

That’s me trying to get the Bethesda Fountain in frame.

There we go; a nice couple took the picture for me. Bethesda Fountain’s the centrepiece of the park. Alot of movies feature it, and also I think Sandman #8, the part where Death and Dream are talking. I think.

So I reach my first real destination of the day, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Freaking alot of stuff here. I barely managed skimming 1/4 of the place in 3 hours. For some reason, the current exhibitions have alot of freaky tribal masks, and they were all CALLING OUT TO ME. But I didn’t take any photos.

I took this cos it’s so freaking badass. Perseus slaying Medusa. Cool hor.

That’s the Tomb of Dendur; they moved the entire thing from Egypt and recreated it in the Met. It’s quite funny cos there’s a lot of graffiti on the tomb from the 19th century. Just Englishmen adventurers carving their names and so on.

Forgot the details but I think it’s the recreated bedroom from somewhere in old America. I took this picture cos at this point, I was freaking sleepy and was damn tempted to crash in the bed. Didn’t really take a lot of pictures in the Met cos half the time don’t know which are the permissible areas. Anyway, gonna go back at some point in the week.

Took this as I was walking along Park 5th Ave back to the subway. A fortuitous confluence of roadworks steam and evening city lights. Plus a tree. I love walking along Park 5th Ave, it’s so over-the-top unattainable and yet not ostentatiously so. Just architecture that is elegant to its core.

That’s the Apple Store 5th Ave. But seriously, all Apple Stores are exactly the same lor.

Here I am quaffing my first official NYC hotdog. So much pleasure the camera shake.

Last stop for the day. Got there too early, went to walk around and found a kickass comics store, Forbidden Planet. Went back to Webster Hall in the rain, stood in the rain for 30 minutes getting soaked before they let us in. Cass McCombs is utter shite. The most boring band I’ve ever heard in my life. I mean, I was damn tired at this point, but they were really awful. Jose Gonzalez on the other hand, was excellent. He played all my favourites, which unfortunately are all covers, The Knife’s Heartbeats, Kylie’s Put Your Hand On My Heart and Tell Me, and Massive Attacks’ Teardrop. I continued to doze off throughout the gig and snap back to awakeness, only to doze off again.

Still raining when I came out and my still soaked jeans steadily sucked away my body heat. Managed to make it back to the corner diner in pretty good time and had a jolly good meal.

Americans eat way too many chips.

And that’s pretty much it for this update. Til the next one then.

8 Responses to “new york i love u, but u’re bringing me down: part 2”

  1. 1 vk December 10, 2007 at 17:37

    you are not travelling alone yet!!!! shake the guide off!

  2. 2 billy December 10, 2007 at 22:20

    got wat. i spent mostly the day by myself mah. but i tell u, it was kinda miserable being alone at the gig. had to wait over an hour by myself for the bloody thing to start. damn sian.

  3. 3 disko December 11, 2007 at 0:14

    yeah i agree. gigs are quite shite to be alone at. you wanna drink and bond over music with a living human being.

    i like the Bethesda Fountain, i think i remember the sandman scene. i also like the recreated bedroom, i think the museum all rocks, but sooner or later, they’ll morph into a senseless pit of art at the end of your numerous trips.

    Park Ave smoky night snap rocks the most methinks. how mood. NY might just be shaping itself up for ya.

  4. 4 disko December 11, 2007 at 0:18

    yeah, i wasn’t too impressed with the apple store at ginza too. the same manufactured sterile feel and products. i don’t know why i’m complaining anyway, i still love jonathan ive. maybe some of jobs too.

  5. 5 disko December 11, 2007 at 0:19

    pst! don’t get the OLPC. get asus eee instead! (not in ny though)

  6. 6 Lounge Lizard December 11, 2007 at 14:30

    Fuck, I should have gone too!!!

  7. 7 Lounge Lizard December 11, 2007 at 14:32

    Sigh, if the B-Quartet album was out earlier, I could ask you to pass a copy to the mastering engineer. Ah well…

  8. 8 wani December 13, 2007 at 1:33

    ur pictures are so cute lah! esp the one the couple took for u in front of the fountain! LOL!

    anw i’ve not seen u and the rest for ages!

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