new york i love u, but u’re bringing me down: part 3

Just quick updates for this one:


  • Went to MOMA
  • Helvetica display was pathetic
  • Seurat exhibition was pretty interesting
  • Went to FAO Schwarz and bought my nephew a DJ Mixer Guitar thing. Was wondering whether to get a FAO Schwarz teddybear but I don’t think I should encourage attachments to inanimate objects.
  • They have that step piano on the floor like on the movie, Big and I saw the staff do a rendition of Chopsticks. Cool.
  • Walked around 5th Ave trying to look for replacement gloves (I lost one in the Met) and the place is terrible. Its all either huge brand stores or a couple malls like Macy’s and Bloomingdales, which I thought were very badly laid out and claustrophobic.
  • So boo to them and I went back to SoHo.
  • Bought pretty nice gloves, a sweater and a kicking pair of Vans. Good haul.
  • Went back and lost consciousness by 9pm.


  • Had a Walnut Raisin Cream Bagel in the morning with Andrew. Bloody massive thing.
  • Walked around 5th Ave for a bit again. Discovered Macy’s has wooden escalators. Interesting.
  • Had a cup of hot chocolate at Bryant Park while watching people skating on the frozen pond. Hot chocolate in winter is a genius idea.
  • Made my way over to the UN to catch a guided tour. Saw a minor accident between 2 cabs along the way and they were screaming at each other in thick NY accents. Felt like I was watching a movie.
  • Missed the first 5 minutes of my tour cos some Chinese guy needed me to translate to the cashier. I think the tour guide kept giving me dirty looks the rest of the tour.
  • Tour was boring, though we did catch bits of meetings in the ECOSOC room and the Grand Assembly. I noticed the seats in both rooms were properly upholstered and had translation earphones while the ones in the Security Council reminded me of the rusty, creaky seats at Golden Cinema along Beach Road. Do the 5 permanent members not want people to be comfortable so that they not attend the meetings?
  • So anyway, went back for a quick nap, but the cat kept jumping on me.
  • Went to meet Gillian! She had tickets to the world premiere of I Am Legend at Madison Square Garden.
  • No red carpet when we got there though, which was confusing for us.
  • We make it in and its like first come first serve, and the first seats we found didn’t even have a view of the screen. Win already.
  • Eventually we found seats at a bit of an angle but at least can see the whole screen.
  • Saw a tiny speck of Will Smith, but the black girl in front of me was standing up and squealing so I couldn’t really see much. It was amusing.
  • Movie’s not bad, if a little short. I like that he’s not very Will Smith in it.
  • Gills brought me to this cool, hidden Korean place with fried chicken, which was pretty fun.
  • Went back and watched a movie on my notebook and went to sleep.

Some photo updates:

Cute girl at Bryant Park.

Hot chocolate; best USD3.50 I ever spent.

The UN Building.

Security Council.

UN General Assembly.

3 Responses to “new york i love u, but u’re bringing me down: part 3”

  1. 1 disko December 13, 2007 at 1:05

    inanimate objects. ha. one word. t _ _ _ y.
    can i have pics of vans, sweats and gloves? i like good hauls.

  2. 2 vk December 13, 2007 at 10:04

    can i have a t-shirt that tells ppl i been to NY (even though i have not). the “i heart NY” would be cool.

    XXL ok? HAHAHA

  3. 3 Lounge Lizard December 13, 2007 at 14:58

    You’ve been to the place where Godzilla gave birth to smaller Godzillas!!! Props!! Mad props!

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