new york (actually boston) i love u, but u’re bringing me down: part 6


At Daniel’s in Boston now. We’re snowed by 8 inches of snow. Looks like we’re just gonna be surfing, reading and watching movies today. Which is ok really. Walked around in town yesterday, Boston’s a little dull. And too damn cold too.

Just some highlights from the past couple of days. Photos later cos I’m having trouble uploading with the connection here.



  • Went to take a 3 hour round-island cruise. Not particularly exciting but at least it was educational. Had a good 5 minutes taking photos of Lady Liberty.
  • Went to check out the New York Public Library. Seriously gorgeous. Read a Castro biography for a bit. But felt a little pretentious after awhile.
  • Caught Aimee Mann’s 2nd annual Xmas show! It was more like variety show than a gig and she had musical guests; Ben Lee, Josh Ritter and Nellie Mckay. Also got comedian Paul F. Tompkins co-hosting. She also made a short 3-part film about trying to get celebrity guests for her show. Really funny, got cameos from John Krasinski, Emily Proctor, Patton Oswalt, Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell and alot more. It was super fun, especially cos the performers were having a lot of fun themselves.
  • Decided to take in the night view at Empire State so I went up at about 11pm, and promptly froze my nuts off. But the view is seriously amazing. Very touristy thing to do, yes. But well worth it. Quite breathtaking.


  • Time to go Boston. Wake up late obviously, and catch the 9am bus.
  • Made good time, reached in 4 hours, getting there at 1pm.
  • Daniel picked me up, along with the other travelling Singaporean, Weiyi, and we steadily ate for 7 hours at 4 different places.
  • Everything’s covered in snow and it’s cold as shit out, so there’s nothing really to do in Boston but to find somewhere warm to sit down and eat.
  • So I had smoked salmon for brunch, chocolate covered ricotta canoli for dessert, milk tea at a Taiwanese cafe, and lobster dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
  • We drove around looking for extra blankets and rented some movies at Blockbuster.
  • Went back, had some wine, and fell asleep watching Reno 911.

So far today, Daniel’s made muffins, curry pork chops and we’ve amused ourselves watching his landlord shovel snow and then Thumbsucker. Now we’re out of ideas and there’s just too much snow out.

Photo updates:

The one and only.

The New York Public Library has incredibly gorgeous reading rooms.

For all her depressing songs, Aimee Mann is damn bloody funny. Oh, and I used Gav’s Aimee MAN joke on one of my neighbours. Good one, Gav.

Made myself stand in the freezing wind on the Empire State Building observation deck and listened to Ryan Adams doing New York, New York live twice. Came to the conclusion that Ryan Adams is truly the best soundtrack to New York City. Even though he’s originally a country singer from Jacksonville. On an unrelated note, you can see that my nose is red in the picture. It was also entirely numb.

Daniel’s so proud of Boston’s North End. Zzzzzz…… Not alot of Boston pics cos it was just too damn cold and I couldn’t operate the camera very well with gloves on.

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  1. 1 moby sky December 17, 2007 at 13:09

    clam chowder baby…clam chowder…

  1. 1 aimee mann mockumentary « zerotwohero Trackback on February 9, 2008 at 13:40

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