new york i love u, but u’re bringing me down: part 7

Just a quick one here:

Last night (Sunday):

Eventually made it out (albeit in the nut-freezing cold) and had dinner at this pretty classy pizza place in Charleston. Gorged as we were, we decided clam chowder was in order so we drove to a Legal’s at Harvard to order takeout. Went back watched The Year of the Dog on DVD (not very good) and had our food and fell unconscious.

Today (Monday):

Woke up, surfed for a bit on the crap connection and Daniel dropped us (me and Weiyi, the other guy) off at the train station and I caught my connector to the bus terminal. Caught my New York bus at 11am and made it back to New York at 4pm. Chilled out for a bit, went to wash clothes at the laundromat (which was weirdly relaxing), came back to chill some more, had some pizza and went to Gotham Comedy Club round the corner from Andrew’s place. First act was terrible but it got progressively better. Basically just non-stop comedians from 8pm to 10pm. Pretty fun for not alot of money. Can’t believe the guys I’m staying with have never been. Its literally like a minute walk from their place. Gonna crash soon. Been a long day and Gills is taking me out again tomorrow night.


Daniel the domestic goddess. Curry porkchops were pretty damn good. Muffins, not so much.

That’s the back patio grill. No BBQ in the near future.

Displaying my disgust at the cold in front of the house.

Me and Weiyi, who’s forever 21, and the only person I know who uses Mathematica.


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