new york i love u, but u’re bringing me down: part 8

Haven’t updated for a bit cos I’m a little burnt out. Pretty damn ready to go home already. Yeah, I’m a pretty weakass traveller lah. Anyways…

Can’t really remember what I did during the day, I suppose I went shopping for a bit probably. But then I met Gillian and her friend Irene at St Mark’s Place at night for dinner at this cool Japanese restaurant Kenka. First hipster joint I’d been so far. And after that we went for drinks at an even more cool place, Decibel; super tiny also Japanese bar tucked away underground. So small I was sitting with a lantern touching my head the entire time. I think the girls particularly enjoyed the very good-looking Japanese waiters. Irene also introduced me to this great Himezen Sake, which is pretty much like dessert wine. No kick at all and the perfect amount of sweetness; could’ve drunk it all night. A pussy drink, but a tasty one nonetheless.

Together again at last….

Gills and Irene filtered through my sake-filled perspective.

Later as I was going to the subway, I accidentally swiped my Metrocard for the wrong entrance, so had to wait for an 18 minute delay before I could swipe again. So I ducked into a nearby McDonald’s for a pee (only after buying a cookie) and decide to walk to the next subway station. So I’m at 1st Ave, middle of nowhere, middle of the night, cold as shit, and a little bit lost, when The Perfect Kiss by New Order comes on my iPod. And its 9 and a half minutes of feeling I’m exactly where I want to be.

Shopping madness at Woodbury Common! Essentially its this entire village upstate devoted to factory outlets of designer labels. I was so sure I’d be really cool and be in and out like a flash, since I’m not usually into shopping. But I was there solidly shopping for 6 freaking hours, and would have gone on for more if I wasn’t supposed to meet Andrew for a thing later that night. I’m a bit disgusted with the amount of shopping, man. I bought like 3 pairs of shoes this trip. I’m a total girl.

Anyways, after I lug my haul back to the city, Andrew takes me out to the Lion’s Den somewhere in Bleecker for a book reading by Chip Kidd, one of his design idols. So we get to the bar and it’s like the whitest place I’ve been so far in NYC. Turns out the reading is over, and Chip’s band is performing in a bit. So we stand there watching this Nickelback wannabe band, and some dumb NYU kids bopping around, when I realise to a curious mix of horror and self-satisfaction that I’m having a beer in a bar in New York and I’m the most hipster emo guy there, with my hoody, Vans and kinda skinny jeans. I say this not to brag – though that’s a happy accident – but it was just astounding to me at the time. One of the hippest cities on Earth and I out-hipster emo everyone else in a bar. So anyway, the Nickelhacks finish and the college girls fall over themselves trying to buy a drink for long-haired growly singer douchebag. Eventually Chip Kidd comes on, and his band’s actually pretty good. A little New Pornographers, I might add.

That’s him in the tie on the drums. Quite cool guy. I shook his hand and told him I didn’t know anything about his design work but that I really liked his music. Which was a really cliche thing to say, but he liked it.

After that me and Andrew walked back to Chelsea, and he tried to get waffles at the downstairs diner. Waffle machine was broken and he was sad. I had a great bacon and cheese omelette though. Yum.

At this point, I’m pretty burnt out and just chilled at home for a bit. Went out to Union Square for lunch, read some comics at Barnes and Noble and walked back to St Mark’s to do some gift-shopping. Came back, chilled some more and met Andrew for dinner at Times Square.

I look disgusted but the ramen totally rocked. Cheap too!

And then we adjourned to Palace Theatre….

For LEGALLY BLONDE, the Musical!!

Damn fun to watch. I’ve a little crush on the star, Laura Bell Bundy now. She’s damn cute. Great legs too. Tip for anyone planning to watch a Broadway show; search online for discount codes first. I got mine from and it ended up almost half-price. Broadway shows are fun! But no time to watch another one. Next time go West End instead.

And that’s it for this update. Probably going to the Bowery tonight, see how.

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