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laika fully flared intro by spike jonze

Gorgeous slow-mo skate trick action directed by Spike Jonze, set to the stirring synths of M83‘s “Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun.” Amazing intro to Fully Flared.


we’re so young, we have no more time

Until the day I actually produce fruit from my loins, the thing I’m most proud of is still “Radio Station Forgot To Play My Favourite Song“, my FYP about Singapore rock music from my halcyon NTU years. People seemed to dig it a fair bit back in the day, which was really just the cherry on top for us as Gavin, Jason and I had a fucking blast making the thing. We were/are MoreBetter Produktions (to be spoken in a Malay accent, please) and the coolest kids in town (read: Jalan Bahar Live Firing Area) for awhile after making our beloved rockumentary.

We even managed to score a short trip to NYC (sans Gav, sorry Gav) for the New York Expo in 2003 (incidentally its last year – our fault?). It still gets an occasional screening now and then at a couple local film or music events here and there, which is always lovely.

A couple days back, Willy alerted me to the fact that Sean from Black Isle Studios seems to have unearthed it somehow and posted it on Youtube, at the same time giving us great props on SOFT. Thanks, Sean.

The 3 of us have always enjoyed the compliments over the years but its also a little sad that none of us are within even sniffing distance of the hotshit rockumentarians we were 5 years ago – in fact we’ve all joined the SYSTEM and are civil servants now. If there were still anything remotely creative and edgy left in us, it probably would’ve been shat out of us by now. Sadly, we’re fading away instead of burning out. At least we still try to have our weekly beer sessions, which had its beginnings in RSFTPMFS’s preproduction stages.

In any case, at the risk of seeming irredeemably gauche, I’m posting our one and only rockumentary in its triptych’ed, flickery-texted, FLV’ed glory here.

Radio Station Forgot To Play My Favourite Song – Part 1

Radio Station Forgot To Play My Favourite Song – Part 2

Radio Station Forgot To Play My Favourite Song – Part 3

Great times, those.

Just in case you skip the credits, here’re the songs so generously loaned to us to score our rockumentary, all great songs from great Singapore bands.

“Never Be Alone”Chou Pi Jiang

“Spacemen Over Malaysia”, “Last Nite I Said Goodbye”, “Siti”, “Liberator”Force Vomit

“Sad But True”Rudra

“Losing You”Astreal

“One Big Happy Family”Humpback Oak

“Radio Station” – The Padres

Incidentally, social media ace Kevin Lim posted his own Singapore rockumentary just a month ago. Good shit but pity bout the quality loss. Also, Joe Ng is freaking Peter Pan, man.

Need to shout out to Willyour very own Stu Sutcliffe – for letting us bounce ideas off him during our many many brainstorming beer binges at Holland Village and still got left out of the credits.

Also to Don Bosco, who shot the Force Vomit video “(Are You) My Number One”, but whom we unfortunately left out of the credits. Sorry, Don.

Grace has very kindly uploaded RSFTPMFS on Vimeo here, so you can enjoy it in a single chunk.


Depending on your point of view, playing Passage will take either 5 minutes or your entire lifetime. I don’t really think I’ve ever been even near choked up over just a game before, but Passage is easily the most emotional game I’ve ever played. Plus, it has the most devastatingly affecting 8-bit score I’ve ever heard as well.

Please read the creator’s statement only AFTER you play the game. Download here.

I Feel It All – Feist

Gawd, I love Feist. Her third video with Patrick Daughter, who has a serious thing for single takes. But I suppose Feist is so adorable she could sit in a chair for 5 minutes and I’d still watch.

my very own glastonbury

Got this off Nat’s LJ. Freaking fun. Luckily no Broken Social Scene or I’ll have a hard time deciding the headliner. Go here to make your own.

After Hours – We Are Scientists

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for WAS, and having Katrina Bowden (of 30 Rock) star in their new video, as well as Akiva Schaffer (of The Lonely Island) directing just adds to the love.


I know I haven’t reviewed anything for yonks, not cause I haven’t been reading (I have) but I just couldn’t be arsed lately, what with work and all.

But lo! The Rambling Librarian has asked me to review his (and this guy’s) spanking new album, SeaStars 2007! I just realised I’m not sure whether that refers to the band or the album. The band is called Starfish Stories. Download the album for yourself here.
Anyway… here’s what I think:

The album in a nutshell – wispy synths, straightforward piano, quite emo lead guitar (sometimes bordering on hair-metal, which is a good thing), and kinda cheesy sea-related sound effects (like dolphins and waves), all very new-agey and inoffensive. Bordering, actually mostly crossing the line over to sleepytime music.

I like myself some ambient from time to time, but I think people tend more to slit their wrists to Enya more than Aphex Twin. Did that last line make any sense? I have to say though, I did kinda like the guitar overdubs in Stargazer, but that’s probably my inner 80s hair metal fan talking.

In any case, the problem I have with new age music is that it’s pretty much meant to be unobtrusive background music. So I listened to the album 3 times through and spaced out each time. I just can’t actively listen to and appreciate something that’s constantly slipping and sliding out of my conscious brain. So if that was the plan – good job, guys. I’m pretty sure there’s a market for this in the yoga or spa music business, if it exists, that is.

But I’m just a punkrockertechnofreakdiscogrooverpostrocker at heart, and much prefer something I can dance to.