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Golden Skans – Klaxons

My newest obsession. I can’t believe it took me this long to get into the Klaxons after Amin’s been raving to me about them for over a year. But I’m totally making up for lost time now. Just check the slo-mo explosion in the beginning. Awesome and awesomer.

The Klaxons video is apparently in homage to this Jacksons one here, which might actually be at least 50 times awesomer and a million times trippier. Holy rainbow bridge, Batman!


aimee mann mockumentary

Ardent Billyfans will remember me semi-raving about Aimee Mann’s funny short film during her 2nd Annual Xmas show I caught last year; some kind soul has posted the movies on Youtube which I’ve come across the by way of Stereogum. It’s all funny, but my favourite bits are the ones with Emily Proctor and Will Ferrell.

The Aimee Mann Christmas Trilogy (part 1)

The Aimee Mann Christmas Trilogy (part 2)

The Aimee Mann Christmas Trilogy (part 3)