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Royal De Luxe: The Saga of the Giants

I remember being utterly amazed by the coverage (mostly of the citizen journalist variety) of The Sultan’s Elephant last year, but hadn’t seen a proper video or read a proper write-up until this excellent article on 3quarksdaily.

Julian Crouch, a maker of large site-specific images and co-artistic director of the company Improbable, writes of seeing the Elephant move for the first time. “The thing was real. It was alive and it was enormous and it was really there. And in the midst of my pure admiration I could feel something crumble inside me.” What crumbled, it turned out, was his notion of how unfeasible it was trying to get a large image to do many things at once instead of just one thing – a idea foundational to his twenty years of experience designing and making such.

With frankness, Crouch tells how it felt to be a maker of theatre watching Little Girl Giant hoisted from the time capsule that had smashed down onto the tarmac in Central London. “When they lifted [her] out of the rocket, the crowd just gasped. Of course I work in ‘the business’ so I tried to stifle my own gasp, but by the time her flying-hat was off and she blinked and shook out her hair, I was absolutely and completely lost. She was beautiful. But really beautiful. In a deep way… And [there was] a little voice in my head that said, ‘you could never, ever have made this.’ ”

I’m not usually given to sentimentalism but I feel almost physically upset that I’m not likely to ever see a Royal De Luxe show in person. For now, this will have to do…


all the world’s a stage

Freaking ace Hokkien version of the Gary Oldman Nokia N93 ad.
Got it off theory.isthereason.

Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

This mind-blowing clip is the most elegant, even most moving explanation of Web 2.0 I’ve heard yet. Its been popping up all over the blogosphere and getting fanboy receptions, but I wonder if it’s as impactful to a non-geek, or if it even makes sense?

I really hope it does, cos I hate getting all excited over this stuff and only having Grace and my brother to geek out with.

Here’s the transcript, courtesy of Bud.

make anything

I realise it’ll more than a few years before Vernon can play with Lego without swallowing the pieces, but this very clever Lego ad is totally whetting my appetite for 3000-piece Death Star building sessions with my nephew.

Charlie Brown Christmas – Performed by the Cast of Scrubs

Pretty funny stuff, and it’s got the tree in it. For some reason, Xmas isn’t as annoying when the Peanuts gang are involved.

good grief

I don’t normally care much for Christmas, but this replica of Charlie Brown’s pathetic twig of a tree actually makes me feel a bit of the Xmas spirit, albeit of the sad, lonely flavour. Bah humbug.

By way of Gizmodo.

Sentimental Journey – Yuki

This post is more for the video than the song, really.

Directed by Nagi Noda, supposedly Japan’s Michel Gondry. I suppose the resemblance is there, in the sense that both seem to take one basic visual idea and take it to its extreme conclusion.

A little awkward in the beginning, but it’s really quite genius in its conception. Apart from crazy-blinky girl in the last seconds of the video. Quite unintentionally funny – why not just do another take?

Courtesy of neverhappened.