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Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

This mind-blowing clip is the most elegant, even most moving explanation of Web 2.0 I’ve heard yet. Its been popping up all over the blogosphere and getting fanboy receptions, but I wonder if it’s as impactful to a non-geek, or if it even makes sense?

I really hope it does, cos I hate getting all excited over this stuff and only having Grace and my brother to geek out with.

Here’s the transcript, courtesy of Bud.


obligatory stock-take

Actually this should have been done last night, but what the hell. This blog’s been up a year with a view to documenting my major lifehack – and I’d say the remix of my life has been not too bad.

Let’s see, I quit my shitty job, found a new job, my parents got sick (again), my dad had to go for major surgery, he kicked its ass, my brother got married, my sister-in-law got pregnant, and I’m enjoying the hell out of being a student again. For all intents and purposes, 2006 pretty freaking rocked. I think I didn’t fuck it up this time. Very cool.

In keeping with my frankly quite dumb blog title of zerotwohero, I’m upgrading myself to 0.3 since my last grade of 0.1 when I got my new job. Still got a ways to go, but I think I’ve some idea how to get there.

this is cool

As in, I am cool.

Cool enough to warrant a mention by Best Blog on WordPress. Nice….

Er, I don’t really know who these guys are either, but hey, they think I’m pretty hotshit. Which makes them solid arbiters of taste, no?

I remember Ivan being mentioned awhile back, so I’m in good company. Thanks for the kind words, guys.


Through some lethargy-fueled stupor, I managed to delete my last post instead of a spam comment as intended.

Good thing it was some cock post about cheap eats instead of my weekly review. Probably should look into keeping my own blogfeeds within Bloglines.

What a cock.

people actually read this shit

So i suddenly get a deluge of comments (by my standards) from total strangers, and I’m wondering, ‘Eh’?

I’ve been Tomorrowed!! Bit of publicity there for my little 52 Books project. Many thanks to Ivan for submitting the post and all the encouragement. I also need to show some love to the lovely ladies of High Browse Online for linking to my reviews as well. Ok, end of teary acceptance speech…

Interestingly, my stats for Tomorrow are comparable to when I was Boingboinged. Not likely that both sites have the same amount of readership, of course. Boingboing visitors were probably Singaporean in the first place.

In any case, thanks for coming by, everyone.

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4 Jobs You’ve Had In Your Life
Yeo Hiap Seng Delivery dude
Toy Salesman
TV Producer
4 Movies You Could Watch Over And Over Again
The Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind (actually share this with Aaron, hmm.)
Scarface (the Pacino one lah)
The Empire Strikes Back
The Royal Tenenbaums
4 TV Shows You Love(d) To Watch
Project Runway
Gray’s Anatomy
4 Places You’ve Lived
Clementi (rocks!)
Jurong East
Clementi (rocks again!)
Lim Chu Kang Cemetery
4 Places You’ve Been On Vacation To
Taipei (actually for army exercise, but the R&R was shiok!)
4 Places You Would Rather Be At Now
at a Mogwai concert
reading on a beach
at work at the NLB (ha!)
unconscious on me bed
4 Of Your Favourite Foods
Mutton Murtabak
My mum’s potato stew
Fish Keropok (no prawns, thankuverymuch)
Ferrero Rocher
4 Websites You Visit Daily
Pink is the new Blog
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big fuzz


Yes, well, this is the first post. I welcome all my readers from my previous blog, the unfortunately named Bside-Blog-Jekt.
I’ve been sitting on a couple of ideas for this blog for awhile and will start proper in the coming year, most probably from Valentine’s Day onwards.

Why then, you ask? Well, its easy to remember. Nothing romantic planned, so don’t be expecting any grand displays from me.

K, I’ll be right back.