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core 2 duo next week?

So says, but I’m not holding my breath.

Actually, the timing’s not too bad, since Leopard’s only out Spring 2007 (Jan, Feb? When the hell’s spring?!) – that gives Apple time to fix the inevitable heating, whining issues that will plague the Merom-bumped MacBook Pros.

Who’m I kidding? Half a year later and they still havent fixed Random Shutdown Syndrome on the MacBooks – will I never be able to give Apple my money?!

apple roundups

Well, no Core 2 Duo bump to the MacBooks, no widescreen iPod (which is what I meant by video iPod) but holy shit, the new aluminium nanos are pretty sweet. The shuffle totally caught me by surprise, that thing is purdy.

Not really concerned about the iTV and iTunes stores upgrades, I can’t watch movies on my nano anyway, plus I shudder to think of the DRM. The video iPod upgrades are quite cool too, games like Pacman and Bejeweled, 50% brighter, instant search and gapless playback (finally!).

Here’re a couple of detailed roundups for your perusal:





have you tried turning it off and on again?

I’ve been considering and re-considering getting a MacBook since they came out awhile back, but I’m pretty glad I’ve waited this long.

Seems like Apple’s been screwing up a fair bit with their portable Intel Mac line so far; there’re some quite horrendous stories out there. I’ve been doing some research, and here’re some pretty good resources to keep on hand when your (or eventually my) Mac decides to ki qia.

Sick Macbooks

Mac Users Group (Singapore) – MacBook & iBook

In the meantime, I’ll wait a bit longer and see what Steve has to say this coming Tuesday. I say still no video iPod, no bump up to Core 2 Duo for MacBook and MacBook Pros, maybe alumnium iPod nanos and most likely movie downloads for iTunes.

NLB book sale

Went down with Grace to the NLB book sale at the Expo today. Not too bad a haul, though a bit heavy on the genre books. But I seriously had to comb the place, man. It was all decades-obsolete computer guidebooks and travel guides. Who the hell’s gonna buy a book on WordPerfect 8?!

I was half-tempted to get a Lonely Planet guide to Lebanon just for morbid curiousity but thought the better of it.

Here’s what I got for just 20 bucks.

  1. Martin Amis – Night Train
  2. Clive Barker – The Hellbound Heart (from which Hellraiser is based!)
  3. Ben Bova – Venus
  4. Greg Egan – Diaspora (read before, but liked it enough to pay $2 for it anyway)
  5. Gavin Kramer – Shopping
  6. Gentry Lee – Bright Messenger
  7. Douglas Mawson – The Home of the Blizzard
  8. Michael Moorcock – Blood
  9. James Van Hise -The Unauthorized History of Trek
  10. Scott Westerfeld – Fine Prey

unboxing – Sony Ericsson K800i

After years of gadget lust and student budgets, I finally splash out on a bit of self-lurve, techie style. The Sony Ericsson K800i is SE’s first cameraphone under the Cybershot banner, which means this phone has a bitching camera. I’m still fooling around with it, but really I just spend all my time playing tennis and checking RSS feeds on it.

Word of advice, please don’t install Sony’s PC Suite unless you want to drown in bloatware. Just install the driver for USB connection and you’re set. I tried using floAt’s Mobile Agent, which is quite a powerful app for earlier SE models. Unfortunately the K800i is too new, so I need to wait for 2.1 to come out of beta before I start using it.

Unboxing photos coming right up…

box and accessories

for size comparison

Not the usual Sony Carl Zeiss lens, unfortunately.

Grace has a total boner for the purple backlight. I’m like ‘meh’

Browsing’s pretty quick, if a little cramped. Yonks ahead of my old T610.

Next up, here’re some pictures taken with the K800i.

Colour’s a bit green. Keep forgetting to white-balance.

Forgot to set for daylight.

The macro’s not toooo bad…

The autofocus is kinda slow.

Ah, maybe the Xenon flash isn’t such a good idea here.

library alternative

Bookmooch is a free community designed to make it easy and cheap to exchange books with other users. It basically works as a free trading marketplace, the only costs you have to pay are shipping fees.

First list all the books you want to give away, others then request for said books, you send them off, receiving points which you can then use to ask for books from someone else. Pretty simple and elegant.

more library pron

Suddenly I’m on this whole bookshelf lust trip. As sexily sustainable as this one is, I ain’t shelling out USD$300 for a freaking shelf.

Maybe can hijack the Design & Technology workshop at school – then can ownself make.

the show-off t-shirt

THE SHOW OFF T-SHIRT is a t-shirt with a built in sound sensitive graphic equalizer panel. As the music beats, the shirts equalizer lights up to the beat of the music. Great for concerts and parties.

Membersss, here’s my submission for the next Love Experiment onstage rawk outfit.

52 Books TRL

Elaine left a comment on my last review asking how I select books to review. Seeing as to how I’ve managed to get halfway through the year without slipping up too much, I thought it’d be good to go into it a little bit.

Well, like I told her, its mostly just 10 seconds of thin-slicing per book, looking at the cover and blurbs. This highly scientific process seems to work well enough. I fall back occasionally on favourite authors (eg. Cory Doctorow) or award winning titles (eg. Lunar Park). I’ve only fallen back on hype just the once, but once is enough, methinks.

One problem I have, I think, is the tendency to stick with genres I know I enjoy. You haven’t seen any crime novels or romantic comedies on my blog, I’m sure. Mostly, its a lot of sci-fi, war and drama. While this selectivity obviously prevents me from reading what I think is crap, it might also be a little limiting. So what I’m asking is for recommendations and suggestions.

I know most of you are my friends and really couldn’t be arsed, but if the miniscule trickle of you coming in from High Browse Online or just stumbling across my blog would like to point out something I should read, it’d be great. Please, no massive tomes though, I may be not be a busy man, but keep it to something digestable within a week. Thanks in advance.

On a related side note: how sweet are these Tetris shelves!? I’m going to be buying more books as my income becomes more substantial, and my personal library would look absolutely kickass on these shelves. Cept they don’t look very adequate for book-stacking. But who cares, its Tetris!


macbook pron

MacBook pics in the wild already! I’m trying to convince myself I really need this for NIE… Flickr set pointed out to me by Gizmodo.

Here’s a quick and dirty review from Create Digital Music.

As a portable music machine, unless you prefer bigger screens, it’s hard to go wrong with these computers. The only big downsides: black costs you extra, and like the mini before them, the integrated graphics are pretty limited for 3D.

And a slightly more in-depth look with better pics at Engadget.

Yes, you’re not getting that 15.4-inch display or the ExpressCard slot (remember, the iBook before the MacBook didn’t have a PC Card slot, either), nor are you getting that fancy ATI Mobility Radeon X1600, but you’re also forgoing that notably larger MacBook Pro power brick, mechanical latches, and a dimmer (though less reflective) display.

Yes, if I buy this, I will be making beatz… with a Z.

An upgrade to my preferred specs of 2GB Ram and 120GB HDD will SGD$3608 (with the Education promo, of course, heh), whilst MacBook Pro with upgrades will be SGD$5219.

Ooh, can buy MIDI keyboard and audio monitors with the leftover… then again, better let the early adopters spot the technical issues first, later macam like the MacBook Pro got heat and whine issues.