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serial novels by email

If you so desire, you can now read books serially by email – just pick one of the many public domain works listed on Daily Lit and input your email address.

I’d much rather stick to reading serial novels by RSS feed, but I guess email is fine for most people.

Incidentally, What Would Jesus Blog has an interview with David Wellington, author of my favouritest ever serial novel, Monster Planet.


twang bar kings

Holy shit, talk about golden oldies…

Twang Bar Kings are Leslie Low (Observatory) and Don Bosco (Driven By Weird) circa 1990-dunnowhat. Sexy little boys. But last time lah. Now sexy in an elder-statesman type way.

Go here to download some seriously old-school (but sexy and smart and irresistible) Singapore indie.

mogwai rarities

I do love me my Mogwai, even though their recent gig left me a little wanting. Nevertheless, Sixeyes has quite a lot of Mogwai rarities for download.

Check out the “de-mixes” by Summer at Shatter Creek (a one man band from Michigan) – he’s basically added lyrics to Mogwai songs, to pretty good effect, I might say.

2861 comics online

And in another comics-related post….

Here’s a crapload of scanned comics for you in cbr format. As per post title, 2861 and counting… Alot of em’s pretty damn old though.

DC’s 52

In the aftermath of the greatest superhuman catastrophe the world has ever known, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman suddenly go missing. How does the world cope? And what will the rest of the heroes do in the absence of the world’s finest?

DC’s 52 will release an issue every week over the course of a year, featuring the changed world from the perspectives of once-discarded characters like Animal Man, Black Adam and others, as they pick up what’s left of their lives.

Quite an interesting experiment, though not as cuttingly relevant and boldly political as the Civil War event going on over at Marvel right now. Still, I post this cause is offering the first 5 issues free online in their entirety.

Die, I sure gian to buy the rest now.

the rescue

Austin post-rockers Explosions In The Sky have posted their rare 2005 EP The Rescue on their site for a full legal download! This is incredibly cool of the band, especially since their normal releases are already so difficult to track down in Singapore.

Apparently this is somewhat of a concept album, where the band recorded a song every day over an 8 day period. Go get it while its hot.

Thanks to All Things Go for the heads-up.

look at the size of that thing!

Gnarls Barkley performing Crazy at the MTV Movie Awards 2006. Cee-Lo looks like the love child of a Sith Lord and a Hutt. That’s actually more badass than it sounds. Check out the video here.

I especially enjoy the backup singers dressed as X-Wing pilots.

More Gnarls Barkley cosplay madness here!

Mogwai live@Boston May 14th 2006

This is getting to be a bit of a habit. But here it is anyway, Mogwai in Boston just a few nights back. Unfortunately show opener Hunted By A Freak wasn’t recorded.

A taster for their gig here in August, where I will be orgasmically spasming for the entire set. Willy, you must hold me tight tight so I don’t fall down and make a fool of myself.

Radiohead Live@Copenhagen May 6th 2006

Blimey, they even played Let Down!! It’s about bloody time they started touring again.

Get it here!!

Many thanks to Stereogum for the link.

update: Tamade, couldn’t get alot of tracks. Crap.