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look at the size of that thing

A failure, yes. But what a glorious failure it is…

update: I realise this post needs a bit of context.

happy/crappy teacher’s day

Although the day went well enough at school with the requisite class parties and student performances, I’m still reeling from my CATASTROPHIC performance at the staff dinner last night. Was supposed to play guitar as part of a traditional “lets-sabo-the-new-teachers” item during the dinner and was so uncharacteristically nervous that I pretty much forgot how to play 2/3 of all the songs.

Nightmare flashback images = fumbling the (ridiculously simple) intro to “Dream a Little Dream Of Me” 3 times; looking up to see my expressionless colleagues; staring at my malfunctioning fingers and thinking, “Why are they shaking so much?”

Now I’m gonna be “that guy who gets nervous onstage”. Fuck.

In other news, Peter Hook at Zouk was fucken ace. Though apparently someone wanted to pick a fight with me on the dancefloor, which is also very uncharacteristic.

Maybe next year I’ll just stay home.


Schrodinger’s lolcat

Schrodinger’s lolcat, originally uploaded by dantekgeek.

I’ve been digging the whole lolcat and lolbot blognomenon on the sly, but I really had to post my favourite!

just in case you didn’t get that – Schrodinger’s Cat (Wikipedia article)

update again:
Big Fuzz‘s alerted me to this LOL80s thread, the absolutemostkickass pic of which has been posted below. I always knew David Lee Roth had it in him…

kilgore trout was here

The NYT has a great writeup.

And so it goes.

update: It appears de riguer that I mention this: “Kurt is up in heaven now“.

all the world’s a stage

Freaking ace Hokkien version of the Gary Oldman Nokia N93 ad.
Got it off theory.isthereason.

bill vs steve

Freaking hilarious. Its a sign of Apple’s increasing dominance that Steve gets to use the red lightsaber now, innit?

make anything

I realise it’ll more than a few years before Vernon can play with Lego without swallowing the pieces, but this very clever Lego ad is totally whetting my appetite for 3000-piece Death Star building sessions with my nephew.

happy birthday, david bowie!!

It’s David Bowie‘s birthday!!! The coolest rockstar who’s ever lived turns 60 today – 8th January – otherwise known as Ziggymas. Seriously, it’s like all the big rock survivors from the 60s are indestructible, just look at Dylan and Keef.

Probably one of the most religious experiences of my life was catching him live at the Indoor Stadium in 2004. Still hands down, the best gig I’ve ever been. I think I cried during “Quicksand”. Er, no lah.

tony vs paul

I know stop-motion videos are becoming kind of a tired concept, but this one is really quite fun to watch. And the music’s pretty awesome too.


Thank you, my friends!