iphone, baby

The iPhone’s quite pretty, no doubt. And running OS X, that’s seriously quite amazing. Cute nod to Pixar with the clownfish too. The interface is the absolute bomb, though I foresee the simulated momentum in the updown scroll might be a pain. Here’s a video from Gizmodo:

Heh, I wonder what ROKR owners are feeling like right now.

A huge caveat though, its only EDGE, no 3G, which is pretty disappointing. Steve didn’t demonstrate the 2MP camera either. And a 5 hour battery life is pretty pathetic too. It’s also kinda big, I think. Jason Kottke’s done a helpful size comparison here. Then again, in terms of UI, the iPhone is pretty unrivalled for a consumer product, I think. Time’s got a pretty illuminating piece about it here.

And when the hell’s the bloody shipdate for Leopard, that’s really what I was waiting for last night. And no “one more thing” either. Damn. In any case, I’ve already ordered my MacBook Pro – screw Leopard’s shipdate. Good news for my MBP, it’ll be shipping with 802.11n (I hope) but unfortunately, the enabler software will only come with the new Airport Extreme Base Station.

Now to wait for the impending unboxing post.

Argh, just cancelled my order. Apparently there’s a possibility of “One More Thing” tonight.


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