skullylovesyou deepdeep

So Grace has this LiveJournal onlinespreeshoppingthing going with pretty cool stuff for girls. She’s the most well-put together person I know, so you, my readers – all 3 of you – should head over and check it out.

Lots of skulls – hence the name – so you know it’s cool threads.


3 Responses to “skullylovesyou deepdeep”

  1. 1 avalon May 22, 2007 at 22:12

    OH my Grace with the cute button nose and smile? 😀 my favourite girlfren-of-a-blogger in the entire blogosphere Grace? Will pop to skully now.

  2. 2 disko May 22, 2007 at 23:54


    my first shout-out for! (yeah i know i don’t haveta repeat the url, but i grab all opportunity to, okay.)

    thanks for the luuuurve, billyboy! i’m so not well-put together, maybe in a scruffy grubby sorta way, but i gladly take the compliment anyway!!!

  3. 3 disko May 22, 2007 at 23:56


    hey, are you referring to this grace? hmmm…. well even if you’re not, welcome to the skullylovesyou site anyway! (oops, promoting self again!)

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